Screen Flashlight

Screen Flashlight.
A small and very useful flashlight application. Works with the screen. For phones without a camera flash.

Create a shortcut in your home screen and you will have always available with you a flashlight using your screen of your phone. Find your keys, having it near your bed at night before felling at sleep, useful in the car at the night, when searching for your glasses in the dark...

* Screen brightness is set at full while flashlight is open. Brightness is restored in its previous state when flashlight is stopped
* Prevents the phone from sleeping while the flashlight is open

Permissions Used:
Required in order to temporary adjust the brightness of the screen.

Required in order to prevent screen timeout while the flashlight is active.


You have the following options to download the application:

Get it form the Android Market:

Available in Android Market



Scan the following QR code:

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